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Headaches - Navchetna Neuropsychiatric Clinic

  • Migraine

    Migraine: Migraine is a complex condition characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe. Nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, or smell are some of the common symptoms associated with the disease.

  • Tension Headache

    Tension Headache: One of the most common types of headache, tension headaches are caused by stress, jaw clenching, depression. It can cause mild, moderate, or intense pain in your head, neck, and behind your eyes.

  • Cluster Headache

    Cluster Headache: This type of headache is characterized by recurrent, severe headaches on one side of the head, typically around the eye. Caused mainly due to neurological disorder cluster headaches are often accompanied by watery eyes, nasal congestion, or swelling around the eye, on the affected side.